Chaos Order

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Circadians: Chaos Order is a competitive, confrontational area control game with highly asymmetric Factions. Each Faction has unique Leaders and Attributes, Buildings, and their own personal win condition. This is in addition to the global win condition of controlling all remaining Relics on the Map. Over the course of up to 6 Rounds, players will be researching, constructing Buildings, and harvesting resources. They will also be recruiting and moving Units, all in an effort to capture the ancient Relics, control Regions vital to their strategy, and gain enough Fame to be crowned the winner of Chaos Order.


6 asymmetric Factions, each with their own Leaders, Attributes and win conditions.
Multifaceted combat system that provides players with agency
Strategic Euro-mechanisms at its core with a tight, interactive resource management system.
Replayability due to the variable setup, 6 unique factions, and a high level of interaction between players.
The function-first insert and 6 Faction Tuck Boxes make for an easy setup and teardown.


Verlag: Garphill Games
Spieleranzahl: 2-5 Personen
Spieldauer: 120-240 min
Ab 14 Jahre

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Area Controll in der Welt von den Zirkadianern