Die in the Dungeon

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DIE in the Dungeon!
A solo game of DIE-namic dungeon crawling, where you are the dungeon monster!

You are a powerful creature, used to being in control, others in constant fear of you. Without warning you were taken away from your lands by a spell, cast by mighty wizard that even you could not stop. Now you find yourself in an unknown dungeon, full of weaker monsters and annoying adventurers. You decide to find your way out of this dungeon, willing to destroy anything that gets in your way.

You win the game once you have defeated all Hero's that are in the Dungeon.
You lose the game if, at the end of any turn, you have 0 Time, 0 Health, or a dungeon tile result states that you lose the game.


Verlag: Fundamental Games
Spieleranzahl: 1-2 Personen
Spieldauer: ca.45 min.
Ab 14 Jahren

Wolpertinger Details

Aktion für 1-2 Spieler, sieht super lustig aus. Wer viel Würfeln mag, sollte es sich unbedingt mal anschauen.