Marvel Villainous

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In Marvel Villainous: Infinite Power, players move their villains to different locations within their domain, carry out the actions there, and deal twists of fate to their opponents from a shared fate deck. Three different game modes allow players to scale the difficulty of their game by facing more or fewer events — situations that extract a heavy toll on villains until they are resolved the only way villains know how. Specialty cards add to each villain's ability, making them even more formidable as more specialty cards are played. With beginner and advance options, this game is an adventure for the whole family!


Verlag: Ravensburger
Spieleranzahl: 2 - 4 Personen
Spieldauer: ca. 60 min
Ab 12 Jahre

Wolpertinger Details

Disneys Villainous im Marvel Universum, Spaß Faktor Hoch.