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We know you are formidable wrestlers, but this time you will have to deal with some very fierce rivals. Will you be able to throw the proper shots before someone with a strong “Sbam!” puts an end to the round? In Sbam! you will play numbered and colored cards to your right and left. At the end of each round, you will need to have the higher value compared to your table neighbors, but be careful because only one color will be counted. You will set the end of the round by playing the “Sbam!” card and you can do it at your most propitious time or before it is too late. A speed, eye-catcher and reasoning real-time party game. Breathless, adrenaline-pumping, guaranteed fun.


Verlag: Cranio
Spieleranzahl: 2 - 6 Personen
Spieldauer: ca. 20 min
Ab 8 Jahre

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