The Path of the Adventurers


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The adventurers will improve their capabilities with weapons and items. With each battle, they will also learn new skills to face the enemy bosses and defeat the Dark Lords. 

The path will be created throughout the game and will be different each time you play, since it’s generated randomly. Each location you visit has different treasures, sets of legendary items including weapons and armors with significantly more powerful than standard items. Get all the legendary sets from the different locations and your adventurers will be virtually invincible. Configure your character with equipment that better suits your playing style. Each adventurer is unique, with strengths and weaknesses that must be complemented by the rest of the group to succeed in the adventure. 

Get ready for battle and dwell into the Path of the Adventurers!


Verlag: Jung Rama
Spieleranzahl: 1 - 4 Personen
Spieldauer: 60 - 90 min.
Ab 14 Jahre

Wolpertinger Details

Mega Optik, Papp Standee Version.