Point Blank - V is for Victory

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Point Blank is a World War 2 squad-level card game where players maneuver forces to attack or defend objectives defined in scenarios. The game comes with cards depicting infantry squads, vehicles, support weapons, and leaders. Counters are included with the game and are used to mark player forces with information about the condition or status of a unit.

Each scenario provided sets the situation between the national opponents and what the conditions for victory are along with how to setup the battlefield. Players chose sides and begin play until one side is victorious. 
Your forces maneuver and fire by using Action cards drawn from a common player Action card deck.  Cards are drawn to form a player’s hand to be used during game turns to maneuver and fire a player’s forces. The units (forces) maneuver on a game board that is comprised of terrain and objective cards. The game board may have static positions in place at the beginning of a game but the majority of the remaining game board is developed as the players move their forces across the battlefield towards their objective.


Verlag: Lock n Load
Spieleranzahl: 1-4 Personen
Spielzeit: ca. 90 min.
Ab 14 Jahre

Wolpertinger Details

Perfektes WW2 Kartenspiel für 2, sehr Srategisch.